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5100-i Wood Fireplace Insert

5100-i Wood Fireplace Insert

The Quadra-Fire 5100-i fireplace insert is the only full-view bay non-catalytic fireplace insert available on the market today. The 5100-i tops the line as our highest heat output model, a distinctive, efficient option for masonry and larger metal, zero clearance fireplaces in homes up to 3,500 square feet. The 5100-i's firebox is one of the industry's largest, and in conjunction with precision-regulated combustion air and 2.7 grams of particulate emissions per hour, warms your home for up to 12 hours on one fuel load with smoke-free efficiency. To insure even heat distribution, a standard variable speed blower system is included.



  • The exclusive grand bay window styling renders a glorious, three-dimensional fire view from any angle.
  • Highlighting the dancing flames is the rich luster of our standard 24 karat gold-accented door and side windows.
  • Includes an outside air kit (rear), a blower system, a black & gold lower grill, and a 5" x 8" mantel deflector.


  • 24K full gold door
  • Gold accented louvers
  • Blower system

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